European Union Social Charter

European Union Social Charter
European Union Social Charter

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European Union Social Charter

The Importance of the European Union Social Charter to the US

As a companion to the European Convention on Human Rights, which deals with civil and political rights, the European Union Social Charter is a treaty of the Council of Europe that protects fundamental social and economic rights (Verhaeghe, 2016). The protection of vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly, children, people with disabilities, and migrants, is emphasized throughout the Charter.

It stipulates that the above-mentioned rights be enjoyed without prejudice (Verhaeghe, 2016). It protects a wide variety of human rights, including those pertaining to employment and working circumstances, housing, education, health, medical aid, social protection, freedom of movement, and poverty alleviation. It emphasizes the protection of vulnerable individuals such as the elderly, children, people with disabilities, and migrants (Verhaeghe, 2016).

Within the Council of Europe, the Charter treaty system is one of the most commonly acknowledged human rights sets of norms. The fact that 43 of the Council of Europe’s 47 member states are parties to either the 1961 Charter or the Revised Charter demonstrates widespread support for social rights (the council of europe, 2018). The Charter is based on a ratification mechanism that allows States to pick which sections they are ready to embrace as enforceable international legal requirements under specified conditions (the council of europe, 2018). They are urged to adopt all of the Charter’s contents gradually.

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It is critical for any US companies doing business with the European Union to be well aware of the European Social Charter. The European Union is directed by the charter’s guiding regulations, which must be followed by all enterprises operating within the EU to avoid further complications (Wright, n.d.).

The success of the United States corporation in this region is primarily reliant on the region’s many resources. Employees for their firms are an example. When hiring, they must ensure that the charter’s work norms are followed, such as fair pay for equal work, labour rights, non-discrimination against particular groups in society, parental leave, and working hours (Wright, n.d.).

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For decades, the European Union has been the United States’ top economic partner in terms of overall bilateral trade. In 2016, the United States purchased $592 billion in goods and services from the EU and exported $501 billion, accounting for around 19 percent of total US trade and 19 percent of GDP (Wright, n.d.). One of the most striking aspects of this industry is that about a third of it takes place within individual businesses.

It reflects multinational corporations sending items to themselves in order to service their domestic markets or as inputs for domestic manufacturing (Wright, n.d.). This form of commerce is vital because it supports hundreds of thousands of people on both sides of the Atlantic by acting as the backbone of a broad network of corporate ventures. It’s also a network that drives the global economy: practically every nation on the planet uses the EU or the US as its principal trading partner (Wright, n.d.).

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Furthermore, through two separate innovations, new shipping technology and new global institutions, the U.S.-Europe trade connection set the framework for the present system of international commerce (Wright, n.d.). On the technological front, the standard shipping container’s debut in the 1960s ushered in the so-called “second wave” of globalization.

The US Army developed this underappreciated technology in the 1950s and honed it across Atlantic maritime routes. Massive economies of scale in shipping were gained simply by standardizing the size and form of shipping containers and creating port facilities and ships to transport them (Wright, n.d.). As a result, container ships the size of major towns are now sent to massive deep-water ports all over the world via smart logistics.

In conclusion, the importance of United States firms dealing with European unions to be aware of the European Social Charter is critical to ensure the success of the company as well as of the nation as a whole. Following all the guiding rules set by the charter during the company operations will help the nation to remain operational in the region as well as 


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