Ethical Issues Analysis

Ethical Issues Analysis
Ethical Issues Analysis

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Ethical Issues Analysis

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Case Analysis
Book: Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues. 9th edition. Vincent Ruggiero
Case 1: The Government pg 168 #5. A number of groups have urged restrictions on child labor. For example, they believe that no one under age 16 should be permitted to work in manufacturing; mining, agricultural and construction industries; that hours of work should be limited in all jobs for workers under the age of 18; and that no one under 21 should be allowed to have any contact with pesticides.

Question: Discuss the moral considerations attending this proposal.b. Identify the moral issues.

Identify the parties involved.

And infer their interests.

Discuss this case in terms of finding common ground in the diversity of interests you identify.

Case#2: pg108 #4e)

An English teacher in a two-year technical college has several students in his composition course whose ignorance of the English language has proved invincible. He has given them extra work and extra counseling from the first week of the semester. They have been diligent in their efforts to improve. Though they are in a construction technology program and will undoubtedly be employed in jobs that require little writing skill, the composition course is required for graduation. In the instructor’s judgement, the students would not be able to pass the course legitimately if they took it three times, so he raises their F grades to Ds.

Question: Identify the consequences of the action taken… and decide whether the action represented the greater good.

2. Identify the moral issues and the parties involved

3. Discuss the case with respect to the principle of utility…

4 …. Identify the benefits and burdens that pertain to the parties affected?

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Ethical Issues Analysis

Case 1

There are various moral issues involved in this case. The first moral issue is child labor. Child labor is considered a moral issue because it not only denies children their childhood but it could lead to potential harm both physically and mentally. Child labor robs children of dignity and also denies them the opportunity to develop normally and get an education (Tanveer, Manzar & Khan, 2016).

The second moral issue is poverty. It is notable that child labor is common among the poor who do not have access to adequate education and other life opportunities (Tanveer, Manzar & Khan, 2016). The government is responsible for addressing poverty as a moral issue instead of just issuing restrictions on child labor.

The parties involved in this case include the children and young adults aged below 21 years, the government, the groups lobbying for restriction of child labor and the companies employing the children in the various industries identified as being unfit for child labor.

Each of these parties has different interests. The children may not have any other choice but to work in order to earn a livelihood. This may be influenced by their backgrounds which do not allow them to live normal lives like other children such as going to school. The government may be under pressure to fight poverty in the country and by restricting child labor, the poverty burden is likely to increase.

This would lead to higher expenditure in taking care of such children. The lobby groups’ interests is to protect the rights of children from exploitation and harm from doing work that is inappropriate for their age, hence their lobbying activities. The hiring companies on the other hand may be benefiting from cheap child labor and may not be interested in eliminating it.

Finding a common ground would require the formulation of plausible solutions to each of the party interests identified. In this relation, the various interests need to be studied with consideration of how effectively they can be satisfied while eliminating the moral issue (Ruggiero, 2015). The government and the lobby groups must work with the families of the children to understand the reason why they are working at that age.

They should then develop strategies that would ensure that the children can be provided with what they need to live normal lives. Collaborating with hiring companies to consider hiring adult employees is also imperative and this may be achieved by government subsidies to reduce the cost of human capital incurred by the institutions. This should then be accompanied by sanctions to ensure that companies employing child labor are prosecuted. This way, they would stop relying on children for cheap labor…..

Ethical Issues Analysis

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