Ethical Dilemmas in Business

Ethical Dilemmas in Business
Ethical Dilemmas in Business

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Ethical Dilemmas in Business


In the first assignment, you have the opportunity to gain an understanding of how to identify different types of ethical dilemmas that occur within business, apply ethical theories to solve dilemmas, and after comparing the results, take a critical stance of determining a theorist who can best address all three dilemmas. 

Outcome Met by Completing This Assignment:

  1. Identify ethical issues that arise in domestic and global business environments using an understanding of ethical concepts and of legal and business principles
  2. Develop and evaluate alternatives to, and recommend solutions for, ethical dilemmas, taking into account ethical and legal requirements and the essential mission of the business enterprise
  3. Effectively communicate to internal and external business stakeholders the complexities of ethical issues, suggesting and analyzing various solutions in order to ensure appropriate business practices and accountability

NOTE: You are expected to understand the Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy, and know that it is your responsibility to learn about instructor and general academic expectations with regard to proper citation of sources as specified in the APA Publication Manual, 6th Ed. (Students are held accountable for in-text citations and an associated reference list only). 

Ethical Dilemmas in Business


Step 1: Create the introductory paragraph. 
Within this paragraph, provide a brief overview of the scenario. Then, provide a thesis statement and tell the reader the main topics covered in the paper. The introductory paragraph is the first paragraph of the paper. View this website to learn how to write an introductory paragraph:

Step 2: Read critically and analyze the case scenario under Week 3 Content area. 

Step 3: Identify and discuss the three business dilemmas and one personal dilemma presented in the case scenario. Explain the facts that you have relied upon to make the selection. Use the course material to support your reasoning and conclusions.

Step 4: Identify and discuss the common ethical issues categories to which each of the three business dilemmas belong. Use the course material to support your reasoning and conclusions.

Step 5: State each dilemma in question form and then apply the ethical theories of Kant, Rand, and Bentham to answer the question: How would each of these theorists solve the dilemma? You need only chose one theorist per dilemma but all three theorists must be used in discussing the three dilemmas. Explain in detail how the conclusions were conceived using the class material, the facts from the case scenario, and any additional resources necessary to define the answer.

Step 6: In a final paragraph, compare the results and select one theorist who would best solve all three dilemmas. Since this last part is reflective of your personal opinion, be sure to support the conclusion with the class material, facts from the case scenario, and a definition of any personal ethical values that influenced the decision process. 

Step 7: Proofread the paper for spelling and grammatical issues and third person writing as this assignment requires college-level writing.
Use the spell and grammar check in Word as a first measure;Have someone who has excellent English skills to proof the paper;Consider submitting the paper to the Effective Writing Center (EWC). The EWC will provide 4-6 areas that may need improvement.

Step 8: Submit the paper in the Assignment Folder (The assignment submitted to the Assignment Folder will be considered a student’s final product and therefore ready for grading by the instructor. It is incumbent upon the student to verify the assignment is the correct submission. No exceptions will be considered by the instructor).

Ethical Dilemmas in Business

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Ethical dilemmas in business


The maximization of profits, minimization of expenditure and the expansion of any venture are some of the core objectives that every business strives to achieve. In a bid to reach these objectives, there are various issues that businesses, both domestic and global grapple with. They include legal concerns, customer satisfaction, dealing with employees at every level, ensuring that the management understand the objectives of the business and strive to achieve them and lastly ethical concerns.

In the making of decisions that affect the business, most of the decision makers grapple with ensuring that the said step taken is considered as right. This is all in an effort to ensure that they keep their customers loyal as well as attract new ones and also maintain the motivation of their employees to always strive to be the best. The major obligation in businesses however lies in distinguishing of good and evil.

There are ethical issues that have to be looked at that many businesses include, the mechanisms put in place to guide the hiring and termination criteria of their employees, the process of making decisions, the maintenance of trust and issues of integrity, the internal policy that deals with managing diversity in the business and how the business handles compliance and governance issues. All these have to also be looked at through the legal lenses to ensure that the domestic and international legal obligations are met in the management of a given business. In the case provided, there are various issues, both legal and ethical that needs to be addressed with regards to the conduct of Kerry and Nunez.

The issues this paper intends to deal with are the dilemmas that businesses face every day when their agents violate set legal and ethical rules in pursuit of landing business deals.

Ethical issues in business

There are various issues that businesses face every day with regards to the actions and decisions made. Many of these are looked at within the context of right or wrong. In the case the ethical dilemmas that presented themselves include fundamental issues that affected the trust and confidentiality agreement between Nunez and the ALE, the issues with regard to decision making in terms of who to share the business secrets with and matters to touch on governance and compliance with the legal and policy issues.

Kerry however had a personal dilemma with regards to alerting the management of the business of the conduct unbecoming by Nunez in him sharing the confidential information about the business secret with a potential client to gain competitive advantage. This was despite the advantage it gave them in clinching the contract.

In the sharing of the business secret with Milan, Nunez wanted to gain contractual advantage in order to clinch the multimillion dollar contract. This violates the fundamental principle of trust between an employer and their respective employee. It also puts the reputation of the business at risk as the secrets were unknowingly sent to all his twitter contacts hence the confidentiality of the business with other business partners put at risk. In the world of business, the issue of trust is key to the acquisition and retention of partners (Poppo, Zhou and Li, 2016). Despite the advantageous position the sharing of such information gave, the confidence and trust of the other business partners was equally important.

Another issue that is raised by the sharing of the business secret is the protection of intellectual property rights of trade secrets. As a scientific venture, the profitability and the commercialization of the trade secret in the design of their product is key. The employment relationship is governed by several written and unwritten rules that are all made to safeguard the interests of the business (Milgrim and Bensen, 2016).

In sharing of the information, the trade secret that was initially protected now ceases to have that advantage and hence the competitive advantage as well as the profitability of the methods ALE used in maintaining an edge in the production of plant products. This is because the duration given to legally protect the trade secret can be extended indefinitely as long as it is kept confidential in addition to remaining commercially viable under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, 1979.

The same case also applies to Kerry since he failed to inform the relevant authority, Joshua Hellman of the said breach. This has an effect on the level of trust and confidence bestowed upon him. Due to his silence, the issue of trust and confidence in him was also affected.

The ethical dilemma here is the acquisition of a contractual advantage to the business as against the protection of the secrets that have ensured the business maintains it competitive and profitability advantage over the rest. In leaking the business secrets to Milan, the issue of trust and maintenance of confidentiality for both Kerry and Nunez is brought to light.

The Kantian theory posits that the actions of one are an indication of the respect they have to the other. It also points to the fact that for the maintenance of relationships trust is crucial. In this case however, the actions by Kerry and Nunez have led to a breakdown in the trust the business had in them to conduct business as their agents…….

Ethical Dilemmas in Business

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