MBA Essay

Constructing MBA Essays

Want to do an MBA essay for your MBA program? Then you need to put life to your application in order to convince the admissions committee that you are a viable candidate.. As a student, you should be able to write an essay that catches the attention of the admission officers.

Your MBA essay is a tool to market your qualification for the candidature. Through it, you express your expertise in the profession and your personal values. You can also describe your favorite activity in a way to attract the attention of the reader.

Your MBA essay should be an exceptional; differentiating you from other applicants, in order for it to earn the position over the rest.






Tips to writing an excellent MBA essay

1) Choose a well thought through subject for your MBA essay.

-The subject should be able to address the person you are.

2) Select a topic – While choosing a topic, you should have enough supporting paragraphs for it. The topic should be unique enough to create a lasting impression to the reader of your MBA essay. This way they can easily make a positive response.

3) If the topic of your essay is already given, which mostly is in the form of a question, make sure that your response clearly answers just the question, when writing.

4) During writing of your essay, the following parts should be present:

o  The introduction- This is the first paragraph of your MBA essay. Make sure it is as interesting as possible in order to give the reader a reason to read on.

o  The body- The starting paragraph for the body should connect to the introduction so that you have a good flow in your essay. Make the language as simple as possible.

o  Conclusion- It should make any clarifications and explanations not made during the rest of your essay writing.


5) During your MBA essay writing, observe the following:

o  The word limits for the essay.

-Be brief in delivering your points.

-Edit your essay after writing it, in order to omit any repetitions and unnecessary explanations.

o  Be keen on the content you present. This matters more than the grammar.

o  Give specific details in your tackling of the topic. Don’t give general information and assumptions.

Avoid being too formal in your explanations but be professional.

o  Use of sub-headings in your essay writing is advised as it adds structure. This is especially when dealing with multi-part questions.

These points are important but they are not the only tips, to writing and presenting a good MBA essay.