performance management models

performance management models

Question# 1
There are many performance management models available. Locate one performance management model and describe the process (be sure to cite your source and do not duplicate models already posted). Please do not copy and paste information, but share the process and description in your own words. Share why you chose this model and the value it would bring to a company.

Question# 2
How do we link our training/development activities to the company’s business goals? How do we calculate our ROI for training activities? Why is it important to do that?

Question# 3
What training programs are available at your employer? Are they effective? Why or why not? Why should a company invest money and time in training employees?
Question# 4
How do we remain objective in evaluating employee performance? How do we objectively evaluate subjective skills such as communication and performance? What process would you put into place to ensure compliance with objectivity in evaluating employee performance?

Question# 5
.When was the last time you received a performance appraisal? Did it provide specifics related to performance?
Question# 6
Students…What would you include in a job performance program? Please be specific.

Question# 7
Students…After reviewing this week’s information, what components would you include in an appraisal? Explain.


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