Campus Safety

Campus Safety
This is a team paper assignment, and we need “as a group” to write a long proposal to our instructor, the topic of our proposal is Campus Safety.
Please write a good research paper in the parts that I attached in outline file, and use 3-4 online source to collect information about this topic
Please follow these specific instructions below when you write my parts
• What are the costs?
• Detailed costs and benefits(“$ 1.2 million to 2 million per year” )
o Security cameras ($875 – $1000 for “2 cameras, NAS equipment and installation fees” )
? Criminals will be caught on tape and held accountable
? Crime has the opportunity to decrease
? Increase campus safety
o Security guard salaries (Avg $23000)
? There will be a quicker reaction time to crime
? Students will be protected while they’re on campus
? Potential to deter criminals
o Call boxes ($607.00- $1100.00 for 1 call box)
? Gives people something to call security guards or police when there is an attack
? These boxes light up and have sirens to scare criminals away from victim
• Why this proposal should be approved

• Importance of campus safety
o Students and faculty will benefit from a safer campus
o Students need protection because we cannot protect ourselves while on campus
• In the future
o Crime rates will decrease
o Campus enrollment will have an opportunity to grow
• If this proposal is approved
o Campus morale will increase
o Students and faculty members will feel safe
• Contact Information

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