Analyze and critique the portrayal of John Carter

Analyze and critique the portrayal of John Carter
After reading A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, viewing Disney’s 2012 film John Carter, and using relevant sections of the course handbook (Writing Essays About Literature), choose one (1) of the following topics to write a well-developed and well-supported argumentative essay:

Analyze and critique the portrayal of John Carter in both the novel and the film. Consider what kind of character Burroughs makes him and what kind of character Disney makes him – and whether each character portrayal is effective for the overall storytelling experience in terms of audience expectation and satisfaction;


1. Choose your topic and response position(s) carefully. Don’t settle on the first idea(s) that comes to mind. You want a focus full enough to explore, not one you will quickly gloss over.
2. Write a preliminary draft and check to make sure you have answered the question directly with the proper depth of thought and analysis. Do NOT write in first person unless absolutely necessary: you may write using the first-person collective “we” sparingly, but keep your tone academic and formal nonetheless; do not turn the essay into a running parade of “I” statements or storytelling about yourself or your life.
3. Remember to challenge yourself to critically THINK about what you’re reading. Do not SUMMARIZE the book and the film; analyze them instead in terms of the topic and response requested.
4. Remember, you are not arguing the quality of the book; you’re arguing a specific response on a topic of characterization and/or reader experience as noted above.
5. You MUST use BOTH the book and the film extensively in the writing of this assignment, and you MUST also use the handbook. This means specific citations in the form of quotes from all required sources. Failure to do so will impact your grade very negatively.


1. Remember to fully answer the chosen prompt above. Partial answers or vague answers will hurt your grade.
2. Proofread! Spell-check! Grammar-check!!
3. If you feel comfortable doing so, share your paper with someone — they will be able to show you where there are still questions and gaps of thought in your paper.
4. Read a draft out loud to yourself to improve clarity and expression.
5. Required preliminary drafts for this assignment must be emailed to me and everyone in your assigned study group by Thursday, May 2, no exceptions. You will be doing peer-review work on these drafts when you receive them, using the Six Elements, as explained on the first day of class, in the syllabus and on April 24 as assigned.
6. If you do not participate in this preliminary-draft review, you will be marked down at least TWO full letter grade for the final assignment grade. This is to your benefit, so don’t drop the ball here.

Please write the essay according to the six elements which I will upload later.

And please search the book and film online, I will try my best to find it for you.

The name of the book is “A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs



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