A biography of Ravi Shankar

A biography of Ravi Shankar


A topic and a main statement must be approved by the instructor prior to starting your paper. If you submit a paper without this approval, there will be an automatic 2 point deduction. Students may write about the same topic, but I want to make sure each of you are taking an individual approach to the subject of your choice.


Your topic must be about an individual musician, particular group, or select style of music that you have studied within the class book Introduction or in Chapters 1 through 10.


The following topics are merely examples or suggestions:

Vocal singing style of the Tuvans
An instrument within a class of organology, like the lute or zither
A biography of Ravi Shankar
Vietnamese chamber music
The music of Balinese composer Nyoman Windha


Paper Requirements:

5 page paper written in MLA style
Helpful websites include http://www.mla.org/style and http://www.umuc.edu/library/library.shtml
Writing help is available at the UMUC Effective Writing Center http://www.umuc.edu/ewc/writinghelp/umd.shtml. When submitting a paper, use the telephone numbers in the examples given. You do not have to give the center your home phone number


Body of paper should be at least 4 pages; double spaced, no larger than 12 point font


At least 3 references in the bibliography/works cited that do not include the class book (for which a 1 point deduction will result if used in the bibliography/works cited)
1 reference must be from the UMUC library database.
References may include the following: online resources, journals, newspapers, & documentary films
Do NOT use Wikipedia as an online source, which is described as “the free encyclopediathat anyone can edit.” Such a source, though somewhat valuable, is also questionable regarding the integrity of its contents, and thus, is not a trusted reliable source that is the level of a published journal, article, or book.


Grading Rubric:

Correct MLA format, double spaced throughout = 2 points
Number of references used, cited in correct format = 1 point
No factual errors, such as dates, and historical accuracy = 1 point
Grammar & spelling = 1 point
No spelling errors, including all proper names, places, and of compositions
Proper grammar within sentence structures throughout paper
Quality of paper, including depth of coverage, flow of subject topics within the main theme of the paper, and overall writing style = 5 points


TOTAL = 10 points


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