In a short autobiographical essay, tell us about yourself. You can write about your family, your education, your talents, or your passions, about significant places or events in your life; about books you have read, people you have met, or work you’ve done that has shaped the person you have become.
In addition, this is the essay to explain any strengths or weaknesses you may have (real or perceived). Examples: low GPA, lack of experience, significant interruption in work or studies, or any other information you wish to share. Our only requirements are that the essay be informative, well written, and reflective of your own voice. We caution you to avoid poetry, purple prose, or writing about yourself in the third person.

* Please note that my gpa was very low as an undergraduate . i would appreciate it if you adress that I was finacially broke , working part time to support my family . My father was in a very bad accident having imjury to his leg . he was bedridden for 6 month unable to work , my mother has keratoconus an eye disease and she also was diagnosed with a hearrt condition making her unable to work . i had to work part time and still finish school the burden fell on me being the only child . Please note that I am dedicating myself to my academics and my heart and dedication will be promised if accpeted into the New School for social research .  I am applying for amasters in mental heakth counseling with a specialization in subtsnace abuse ………………..


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