Environmental Protection and Restoration Plan (EPRP)

Environmental Protection and Restoration Plan (EPRP)
Environmental Protection and Restoration Plan (EPRP)

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Environmental Protection and Restoration Plan (EPRP)


            Environmental awareness is always the key to improve knowledge regarding the effects of changing climate. This paper will be trying to consider regarding the practices and principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle as part of its discussion. It seeks to concentrate on the three habitats, which are home, workplace, and community. In addition, the discussion will be categorizing the three habitats to reveal recommended practices to preserve the environment.

            Beginning at home, discipline always starts in your household wherein you always show your routine and respect with your personal chores and environment.  Beginning with reduce; energy conservation can be applied by only consuming resources that you need. This includes opening the faucet when you only need water, using charcoal instead of using gas range system, and using electricity when you only use it such as lighting on a certain room.

When reusing, it is important to use remaining natural resources such as contained water, stored food, and unused garments that are still clean to prevent wasting of water, electricity, and gas. Recycling is observed upon segregation of your garbage, in which biodegradable materials can be used as fertilizers. Recycling used cups, plastics, and metals into furniture is another essential environmental restoration in order to prevent more garbage wastage that could harm our environment in the future as related by James, et al., (2015).

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            At the workplace, energy conservation is the main issue as well as managing waste materials. By reducing, energy conservation can be utilized by installing alternative energy resource such as solar panels at the top of the building to have an adequate supply of energy. By waste management, it is important to avoid habits of disposing unused tissues or plastic materials that can add pollutants. For reuse, used papers can be an alternative to scrap papers as well as materials to be manipulated for cleaning materials.

Plastic bottles can be reused as containers for detergents and solvents so that it will not be thrown somewhere else that could cause an environmental concern. For recycling, each office is equipped with recycling machines that aims to convert waste materials into a renewable source of energy. One example is by compressing all garbage and then turning it into a fossil fuel for burning.

            As for the community, environmental protection and restoration plan starts with the reduce, which is all about maintaining the land area of watersheds and declared national parks in order to prevent scarcity of resources. As for the reuse, it is important that old materials will be again repaired in order to be reused. This includes old fashioned automobiles that can still be used as a significant transportation material as a way to promote artilleries for transport. As for recycling, there should be more facilities that accommodate waste products such as old plastics, papers, and rubbers that can be transformed into usable furniture that can generate profits.

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            The recommendation that can be applied is about the significance of information and dissemination campaign. The reason behind is that it aim to promote awareness to the community regarding the use of environmental protection and restoration plan. Any environmental plans will be appreciated by the public because they have had understood about the significance of preserving their ecological integrity. Trust and cooperation is important because there will be a sense of unity that can be applied by the members of the community.

This will help local government units to efficiently establish environmental protection operations that can promote restoration of the environment. Protection and restoration plan becomes more efficient due to the initiative of the community members after they have been informed about the threats that exist in our environment and also are aware about the solutions that can mitigate environmental hazards according to Black &Cherrier (2010).


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James, Paul, Magee, Liam, Scerri, Andy & Steger, Manfred B. (2015). Urban Sustainability in Theory and Practice:. London: Routledge.         

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