English Essay

It is baffling, that even students who speak English as their first language may at times find it hard to write an English essay especially if it is a literature paper. There comes a point in academics when analytical skills become more important than the mastery of the language. When we talk about an English essay there is much more that comes to our mind than just the ability to express oneself, in this language that is spoken in more than enough places in the world. Here is what it takes to write a good English essay.

To begin with, you may need to watch your words. Avoid being too wordy since this discourages the reader.  For example, “it was terrifying” will just be okay instead of “it was very very scary”. An English essay will also sound better if you avoid using superfluous words such as ‘the testament and the will did it for him’. Even a Basic English speaker knows that the words will and testament mean the same thing in this case.

In addition, it will be necessary to check your grammar as much as possible. The most common mistake that students make in their English is the use of more than one tense. You need to decide which tense you intend to use in the paper right from the outset and stick to it. It is also very wrong to write in multiple persons. You are required to write in either the first person or third person and keep it that way to the very end of the essay.

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