Emergency Contraception Essay Paper

Emergency Contraception
Emergency Contraception

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Emergency Contraception

Identify and describe this contraceptive method (Emergency Contraception)

Describe the risks and benefits of method

Explains the effectiveness of method

Identifies contraindication of method

Explain how the contraception method is used

Address patient education

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Emergency Contraception


Emergency contraception is suitable for any woman who has had unprotected sex. This could be due to sexual assault, or failure of regular method of birth control. Those who cannot use other birth control methods for routine contraception due to their medical conditions can use the emergency contraception successfully. There is no need for a physical exam or any lab tests to get the emergency contraception. Those who want to use them as soon as possible after unprotected sex since they are more efficient if used within 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse but can also work five days after.

The most effective method is the copper intrauterine device (IUD) and is the preferred method of emergency contraceptive and can also be used as a regular birth control method. Those who prefer pills should go for levonorgestrel instead of estrogen-progesterone tablets since they are more efficient and does not cause nausea nod vomiting. The levonorgestrel is taken as a single dose of two pills at the same time and another dose 12 hours after. Women who are more than 75 kilograms should consider using copper IUD since the tablets may not be sufficient for them.

There is no need for one to visit a doctor after using the emergency contraceptives but it is necessary to have a pregnancy test if the period does not occur within 21-28 days or if they develop unusual vaginal bleeding. One can still get pregnant if they have unprotected sexual intercourse after taking the emergency contraception pills. If this happens, one can repeat dose of emergency contraceptive but use a more effective one to prevent pregnancy…..

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