Doctoral Research Review

Doctoral Research
Doctoral Research

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Doctoral Research

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Reading and Reviewing a Doctoral research dissertation for quality.

Read the doctoral article: 2010Teacher and Administrator Perceptions of Administrative Responsibilities for Implementing the Jacobs Model of Curriculum Mapping By Valerie Lyle
• Review the problem statement on Page 14.

• Use the dissertation checklist (see below) to analyze the quality of the dissertation’s problem statement.

To complete:

• Explain whether you think this draft meets Rubric checklist (see below) and dissertation checklist standards.

• Justify for your evaluation.

• Use APA style with citations.

Required Reading

Single, P. B. (2010). Demystifying dissertation writing: A streamlined process from choice of topic to final text. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing.Chapter 3, “Interactive Reading and Note Taking

Intro and Section 3.1, “Scholarly Reading is the Foundation of Your Dissertation” (pp. 55–58)Section 3.4, “Interactive Reading in Practice (pp. 63–64)

Butin, D. W. (2010). The education dissertation: A guide for practitioner scholars. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.Chapter 4, “Structuring Your Research” (pp. 63–69)

Dissertation Checklist: Qualitative
• State the research problem. 

• Provide evidence of consensus that the problem is current, relevant, and significant to the discipline.

• Frame the problem in a way that builds upon or counters previous research findings focusing primarily on research conducted in the last 5 years. 

Doctoral Research

Rubric Checklist

Quality Indicators

Nine key indicators have been identified to assure the overall quality of the EdD doctoral study at this point in its development. Supervisory committee members will use these indicators to give ongoing feedback and to document their final evaluation of the Doctoral Study Prospectus in MyDR. Students should use these indicators to guide development of the prospectus.


A Doctoral Study Prospectus shows the potential of leading to a doctoral-quality doctoral study only if the answer to all of the following standards is either “Target” or “Acceptable” on the rubric.

1. Complete?Does the prospectus contain all the required elements? Refer to the annotated outline to see the required parts of the Doctoral Study Prospectus document.

2. Meaningful?Has a meaningful problem or gap in practice been identified? In other words, is addressing this problem the logical next step, building on what is already known, and does it stay within the student’s area of professional practice (i.e., topics that the program coursework covers)?

3. Justified?Is evidence presented that this problem is significant to the local site as well as the discipline and/or professional field? The prospectus should provide relevant statistics and evidence, documentable discrepancies, and other scholarly facts that point to the significance and urgency of the problem. The problem must be an authentic “puzzle” that needs solving, not merely a topic that the researcher finds interesting.

4. Grounded?Is the problem framed to enable the researcher to either build on or counter the previously published findings on the topic? For most fields, grounding involves articulating the problem within the context of a theoretical base or conceptual framework. The essential requirement is that the problem is framed such that the new findings will have implications for the previous findings.

5. Original?Does this project have potential to make an original contribution toward addressing a gap in practice? Addressing the problem should result in an original contribution to the field.

6. Impact?Does this project have potential to affect positive social change? As described in the Significance section (see annotated outline), the anticipated findings and project should have potential to support the mission of Walden University to promote positive social change.

7. Feasible?Can a systematic method of inquiry be used to address the problem? The tentative methodology demonstrates that the researcher has considered the options for inquiry, selected an approach that has potential to address the problem, and considered potential risks and burdens placed on research participants.

8. Aligned?Do the various aspects of the prospectus align overall? The research methodology and design should align with the problem, research questions, and tentative approaches to inquiry.

9. Objective?Is the topic approached in an objective manner? The framing of the problem should not reveal bias or present a foregone conclusion. Even if the researcher has a strong opinion on the expected findings, the researcher must maximize scholarly objectivity by framing the problem in the context of a systematic inquiry that permits multiple possible conclusions.

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Doctoral Research

The three paragraphs present a discussion on three tasks used to assess APA formatting among students as outlined by Chism and Weerakoon (2012). The study consisted of three tasks where the first indicated an inconsistency with the APA formatting among instructors, peers, and the students. The second task showed the need for consistent practice to improve on some areas of APA formatting. The third task illuminates the need for corrective reinforcement of the APA standard among graduate students.

In the article, not all pieces of evidence given are explained, which implies a lack of proper analysis on the part of the author. Second, the paragraphs lack transitional phrasing to link the main ideas in the article and between paragraphs. Third, the ideas in the paragraphs have a connection, albeit an indistinct one in some instances, to the main ideas in the respective paragraphs.

Paragraph 1 addition analysis:

After calculating the results, the task showed that APA formatting is a challenge for graduate students with a mean error rate of 30% (Chism & Weerakoon, 2012, pg. 35). This implies that at least four students made errors, and at least 18 of the 61 errors could not be identified…..

Doctoral Research

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