Diversity in Health Care: Benchmark Assignment

Diversity in Health Care
Diversity in Health Care

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Diversity in Health Care

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Write a paper (825-1,250 words) that addresses the impact diversity has on health care, and the changes that occur to support diverse populations. Include the following:

  1. Define diversity. Explain how diverse demographics influence the health care industry. Consider culture, gender, religion and spirituality, and social and economic status.
  2. Define the meaning of cultural competence and the role it plays in organizational behavior.
  3. What is meant by the term “diversity management”? How have changes in U.S. demographics impacted the health care industry, diversity of customers, and diversity within the organization itself?
  4. How does understanding diversity support awareness, empathy, and understanding with a community? How does it support a national and global community?

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines

 Diversity in Health Care

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Diversity in Health Care


Diversity is the essence of a given subject being composed of different elements (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, 2017). In healthcare, diversity implies the need for the provision of quality health services to a broad range of populations with varying characters (Betancourt, Green, Carrillo, & Ananeh-Firempong, 2003, p. 296 ). As such, diversity in healthcare implies the meeting of various providers with different backgrounds with a uniform goal that is the provision of quality healthcare services to individuals from as varied backgrounds as they are.

The influence of diversity in demographics on the health care industry

The growing globalization and the interaction of various cultures is an important factor in the efficient delivery of healthcare. The priority given by healthcare providers to diversity is due to these increasing changes. Changes within the global and local demographics and economies of a multicultural setting create more disparities in health statuses and the need for focused attention (Campinha-Bacote, 2003). Such increasing diversity in demographics has a number of effects on the healthcare industry as illustrated below.

Better research on issues related to racial and cultural diversity. Owing to the increased diversity in the target populations of various healthcare facilities, there is a need for better research into the various cultural factors and their influence on health care. Such information helps the industry and providers to identify various diseases and conditions correctly, which has a positive impact on the provision of quality healthcare (Betancourt, Green, Carrillo, & Ananeh-Firempong, 2003).

Improved cultural competence. In order to operate in the culturally diversified world successfully, the healthcare industry needs to develop cultural competence. This phenomenon is a set of attitudes, behaviors, and policy that come together to create a workplace that is ready to operate and compete effectively in a culturally diverse setting. Through various government agencies, the healthcare industry has embarked on programs to enhance cultural competence.

This includes education and training on different cultures, the launch of cultural and linguistically appropriate services the creation of cultural desire, cultural awareness, and cultural skills that enhance the encounters between health care providers and the patients at the facilities (Campinha-Bacote, 2003). The health care facilities replicate the same concept at the organizational level through the creation of various frameworks and models, which allow for wider implementation and impact in the healthcare industry.

Cultural competence

Betancourt, Green, Carrillo, and Ananeh-Firempong provide a definition of cultural competence as the acknowledgement of culture, cross-cultural relations, vigilance in handling the dynamics resulting from cultural differences, expansion of knowledge about culture, and the adoption of services to meet health care needs that are unique to culture (2003, p. 294 ).

The role cultural competence plays in organizational behavior.

The integration of cultural competence in a health care facility enables various changes in organizational behavior. Cultural competence helps to streamline various operations, primarily through the introduction of new efforts. Such efforts promote the inclusion of under-represented minorities as providers and leaders in the healthcare industry (Betancourt, Green, Carrillo, & Ananeh-Firempong, 2003). Through such efforts, change in the healthcare industry is possible through focused and structured changes in the organizational behavior…..

Diversity in Health Care

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