Design Challenge Essay Paper

Design Challenge
Design Challenge

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Design Challenge


Video 1:

After reading the post, the five keys of mystery are discussed. The strongest one after watching the film on badminton include get a guide, surrender to your passion. Getting a guide is important because it pushes one not only to achieve his or her goals but also to be better than a personal trainer. Additionally, it is almost obvious that a guide will influence you to better your mastery skills. Carey (n.p) points out that surrendering…

Video 2:

The post fails to satisfy the five keys of mystery. However, the strongest one that stood out in the video about exercise is a visualization of the outcome. An after-effect is one of the goals during fitness activities. A person could be having it as weight, the number of times he or she would want to practice, or reps just…

Design Challenge

Video 3:

The post addresses the five keys of mystery. Moreover, I also agree to the fact that practice and surrendering to your passion are the strongest keys to mastery in the video about the pool. Often, a person has to practice to hone his or her skills in pool playing. According to the lecture, those who practice more affirm that they love to do it regularly. Therefore, if you want to get better, then you must surrender your passion…

Video 4:

An analysis of the post shows that it fails to satisfy the five keys of mystery. Nonetheless, I noticed that the strongest keys include surrendering to one’s passion and practice. In as much as a person could be lacking talent, Scelfo (n.p) argues that passion and practicing can influence the way they master things. Training is a clear indication…

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