Cover Letter

In an application for a job, one needs to have a very interesting resume or a CV. Other than these two, failure to have a good cover letter can make somebody miss out on an interview.

A cover letter is the determinant factor before checking the documents whether to continue with the interview or not. There are many ways of presenting a cover letter depending on the employer. One has to consider writing a cover letter that is relevant to the position being applied for. A cover letter gives the first impression of the person’s personality. This can be attractive to the reader or repulsing and determines your progress.

Importance of the letter

A cover letter explains to the employer the various thing s which might not be in your resume. It Allows one to communicate in plain language what you can offer to the company and what you cannot in a simplified fashion in which the resume may not allow. A cover letter is as important as the resume itself for a person who is serious in applying for a certain job. A cover letter is not like the conventional friendly letters but rather should attract the attention of the person reading the paper in a concise manner. To avoid the embarrassment of a resume being ignored, the cover letter should be written with some technical knowhow to ease the process of job application.


Format of a cover letter

It should be a one-page detailed information of one self. A cover letter is divided into a header, introduction, body and  closing remarks. The header takes the format of a business letter which has the address and contact information. The introduction is a brief explanation of the position desired. The body expounds on the information in a resume or CV. It should also amplify the reason for your need of the job. The closing remarks explain the next step of action like communicating to the employer or the expectations of the applicant.

A cover letter is therefore an important document in job application. It should be written more comprehensively to explain all the details of the applicant. Whether requested or not, I can advice all job seekers to consider writing a cover letter.