Write on three from Group A and one from Group B (25 points apiece). Please limit your answers to 200 words per question.   Group A:   1) What is the “power to persuade” as applied to the US Presidency? What trends over the past several decades have enhanced or limited the President’s power to persuade?   2) What are “easy” and “hard” issues, and what are the defining characteristics of each? Give an example of each, and how does your issue meet the criteria for classifying the issue as easy or hard?   3) Compare and contrast the US Constitution with the Articles of Confederation? Which features of the US Constitution enhance the power of the federal government? Of state governments?   4) What is judicial review? What are the major formal and informal constraints on judicial review? What is the difference between the two types of constraints?   5) What is Duverger’s law? How does the electoral system affect the number of political parties in any given country?   Group B:   1) Describe changes in the party system in Nevada. Based on your understanding of the contemporary party system, is Romney or Obama more likely to carry the state in the Fall? Explain   2) Describe limits in the duration and frequency of the Nevada state legislature. For what purpose do these limits exist?


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