Continued Nursing Education Essay

Continued Nursing Education
Continued Nursing Education

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Continued Nursing Education

Indeed, continued nursing education should be mandatory as it enhances the professionalism that all nurses strife strive to achieve and greatly benefits the patients as well. The field of healthcare changes and regularly progresses, with new ideologies on diseases, patient care trends, technological advances, medical breakthroughs, new and revised protocols as well as research findings not to forget the wide range of information that affects nursing practice and patient care.

It is for this reasons that continued nursing education should be encouraged so that nurses can acquire the most up-to-date and accurate information present. Understanding this new information boosts the knowledge, competence, and skills of the nurse which in turn results in improved patient care and positive patient outcomes.  

Continued nursing education gives the nurse the opportunity of interacting with peers of varying levels of skills which motivates them to be educated (Rosen et al., 2012). This form of networking with peers is a great way of staying updated with the latest patient care trends in healthcare which is the ultimate goal in practice. The nurses also exchange contact information and share some of their successes and failures throughout their practice with other nurses.

This, in turn, provides invaluable insights into what services work well and what can be avoided when it comes to nursing practice. Moreover, continued nursing education touches on the latest trends in certain specialties accompanied with case scenarios that help healthcare practitioners in putting information together. The education also exposes nurse to vendors that contain certain products that may be of benefit to the particular patient population. These products can aid in the creation of a safer work environment or enhance the delivery of care.

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Continued nursing education is a crucial tool that improves safe and efficient nursing care (Iwasiw ET AL., 2014). The amount of knowledge required to look after patients that are critically ill cannot be acquired simply through unit experiences or at the bedside. It is the professional and legal duty for nurses to update their knowledge and apply the knowledge in their practice.


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