Constructing Effective Business

Constructing Effective Business
Constructing Effective Business

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Constructing Effective Business

Order Instructions:

1. Select a product or service for this assignment in which you believe your organization should invest capital resources to develop for sale in a global environment.
2. Review Ch. 4 of Business Communication Essentials.
3. Create a Microsoft® Word analysis of no more than 1000 words that includes the following:
A. Describe the product or service, including its main characteristics.
B. Why do you believe this product is worthwhile?
C. A profile of your audience/s. Why are these audience/s important? How different would you approach each audience?
D. Explain how you would establish credibility.
4. Explain why you selected the channel.
5. Select the appropriate channel for delivering your message based on context, audience, and purpose.

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Constructing Effective Business

For this assignment, the selection of a product that should sell in the global marketplace is critical. The product should be one that the organization is willing to spend capital resources on for it to develop as a global brand. This paper will look into the characteristics of the chosen product and explain why it is worthwhile. In addition, a profile of the various audiences, their importance, and the different approaches are outlined, as well as an explanation on establishing credibility and the rationale behind the selection of a suitable channel for business communications.

A description of the main characteristics of the product

The product of choice that will be developed by the organization is an environmentally friendly bag. The bag is reusable as opposed to the single-use alternatives used in most retail stores and homes today. This eco-friendly bag will be produced in several shapes and sizes and targets to replace the single-use plastic bags. The bag has a special feature where it completely decomposes down in ten days.

Once thrown into a pit, which is the recommended method of disposal, the bag should be watered and covered with earth, and the decay process begins. The bag is made from natural materials that are interwoven to create a strong fabric. This strength enables users to carry heavy loads without the bag ripping apart.

Why the product is worthwhile

The proposed product is important not only to the firm but also to the society. The eco-friendly bag is a worthwhile project for the organization to invest in due to the effect it would have on the environment. The replacement of plastic carrier bags and especially the single-use plastic bags should help reduce the levels of environmental pollution caused by the polythene bags that are currently in use around the world (Bucher, Drake-Brockman, Kasterine, & Sugathan, 2014).

In addition, once the user has the ability to use the bags for multiple tasks over the lifetime of the eco-friendly bag. Once the environmentally friendly bag completes its usefulness, it is buried and becomes beneficial as a form of organic manure. This should lead to a reduction of the over-dependence on various types of fertilizers on enriching the soil.

A profile of the audiences

            The communication messages targeting the proposed environmental friendly bag has a number of audiences. The profile of the product’s audience is composed of governments and government agencies, retail stores, and individual users.

Why the audiences are important

The three identified audiences are important for various reasons. Firstly, the three audiences are direct and indirect users of the plastic bags that the eco-friendly alternative aims to replace. Second, the environmental impact of the garbage caused by the single-use polythene bags affects all three, as do the costs of environmental maintenance. A third reason is that the three groups are important beneficiaries of the better agricultural practices boosted by the use of the bags as manure after they are disposed of. The three groups are the target customers of the proposed product and, therefore, the audiences of the business communication.

Constructing Effective Business

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