Computer Hardware Essay Paper

Computer Hardware
Computer Hardware

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Computer Hardware

What has been the impact of faster and cheaper computers for personal and company use?

Faster and cheaper computers have altered not just how people communicate but also how companies conduct business globally.  The technological revolution has been advancing at a rate beyond the scale of human comprehension.  In our modern age, cheap and faster computers and computer hardware have made it possible for companies to setup online stores where customer with computers or smart phones can buy goods and services (Laudon & Laudon, 2012).

These computers must be connected to the internet to enable this level of interaction.  Companies like eBay, Yahoo, Apple and Amazon among others are the perfect example of what super-fast technology can do.  With online shops, people can now buy anything online, from houses, to cars to music, through to services.  Institutions of higher learning for instance, can now conduct their lessons online. While technology has also been destructive: destroying traditional businesses and obliterating jobs on the labor market, it has also made it easy for people to work from anywhere provided they have the required infrastructure.                

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Computer Hardware                                                                   

Computers have also made a security possible for companies and peoples. With CCTV cameras installed in companies and homes, it has become easier to deter robbery and identity theft among other things.  The mobile phone has been touted as the critical most transformational technology in terms global economic development (Laudon & Laudon, 2012). Poor farmers for instance, can verify not just the price for their perishable crops before harvest but also identify potential buyers. 

This enhances profit margin because they have access to the best information.  The mobile phone and the internet have altered the banking industry. With mobile and online banking, money can flow to people in remote places an aspect that fuels economic growth.  With the mobile phone, people can now make informed decision about medical services beforehand (Laudon & Laudon, 2012). Modern technology has made it possible for hi-tech companies to maximize profits times when brick and mortar companies remain closed. A case in point is iTunes which often sells millions of songs during Christmas day, a moment when brick and mortar stores are closed for the holiday.

What technological advances and benefits are driving the expansion in the use of personal computers?

There are a number of technological advancements and benefits driving the expansion in use of personal computers. Some of these developments include, increased speed of computer processors for the past 15 years, for instance, in 1998 IBM introduced experimental chips, which operate at about 1b cycles/second. Such chips are permitting higher processing ability of personal computers, and significant capacity to make non-personal computers with circuit applications.

Again, increased network speed in the recent development presents a platform of reduced transmission cost, enhanced bandwidth accessibility and greater ability of transmitting high-band width devices like video. The development of digital tools, which leads to the advances of other telecommunication technologies (Gallaugher, 2012). Moreover, advancements of wide area networks (WANs) and local area networks (LANs) in addition to routing and bridging abilities (Laudon & Laudon, 2012).

Computer Hardware

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The continuous development of routing abilities and similar protocols are increasing convergence of data and mobility. The convergence of data and mobility is increasing the internet capabilities and uses.                                                                                

Development of data and internet technology: Recent technologies like ATM and frame relay have the ability to reduce per-unit price while permitting economic access to many users. Furthermore, internet devices like video streaming, e-commerce ability, sophisticated browsers are contributing to not   only significant but also transforming the importance of the internet. Such varied uses strengthen technological advances by increasing the availability funding new ventures, thus provide increasing demands of users. 

The discovery of mobile applications that involves switching as well as transport abilities are enhancing internet connectivity at any place and time. For instance, the mobility of internet tools allow users to communicate in anyplace around the world. Also, in collaboration with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) devices prevent users from developing costly fixed-line networks (Gallaugher, 2012). The introduction of worldwide end-user-services has contributed to considerable interoperability from users, providers and global system integrators.

Computer Hardware

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What are the limitations of faster and cheaper computers?

Traditional integrated circuits (ICs) are processed in high tech companies whose solemn obligation is to produce ICs.  What makes those gadgets cheaper is the specialization in fabrication.  Pundits allude that the price of one transistor is equivalent to the price of single character in a newspaper.  The most powerful and efficient computer systems are those powered by miniature ICs. However, there is no technology and specialty to produce optical PC systems that are compatible to contemporary IC firms.                                                                    

Current modern IC processors are developed in what is known as the very-large-scale-integration (VLSI) or ultra-large-scale-integration (ULSI) (Simon and Cavette, 1996). A square millimeter of a computer circuit for instance, has millions of transistors in a given square millimeter.  On the contrary, optical components can be developed small and compact.  The current technology does not support the development of micro-optic integrated circuits for assembling a CPU or motherboard.  New developments will be needed in the future.   

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Currently, traditional CPUs and computer parts are processes with extreme precision and in huge charges by way of composite processes.  A change from the current assembly approach when it comes to the size of the chip platform to another size can generate problems.  Tiny optical components have to be developed rather exactly to function appropriately (Simon and Cavette, 1996).

While this precision is not realized, slight deviations may lead to massive issues diverting light beams. Personal Computers in our modern era have been assembled based on the Von Neumann design. The interface, which is an operating system, is programmed to correspond this platform.  Optical PC systems use a completely different architecture concerning the parallelism of the system. These two different architectures have application programs that are incompatible.


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