Computer Hardware Price and Feature Comparison

Computer Hardware Price and Feature Comparison
Computer Hardware Price and Feature Comparison

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Computer Hardware Price and Feature Comparison

Price and Feature Comparison Table

The table compares different computer hardware prices on different sites and different makes.

VendorBrandDesktopMonitorPrintersMouseOperating SystemOffice SuiteTotal (cost)
AmazonDellDell OptiPlex 3020 Desktop Computer – Intel Core i5 i5-4590 3.30 GHz $370.99Dell UltraSharp U2515H monitor, 25 inch, 2560×144 maximum resolutions; $324.51Brother MFC-L8850CDW. Laser Printer, USB Network (RJ25), $494.50USB
Dell mouse $50
Windows 10 Pro Pack $99Microsoft Office 10 $79$ 14, 180
SmartPriceDellHP Envy 750-177c Desktop | Intel Core i7 | Windows 10 | HP USB Keyboard Rated 2.1, 16GB RAM, 2.0TB Hard Drive $899.99Samsung U28E590, 28 inches, 3840×2160 maximum resolutions, $670.58HP Officejet Pro 8630. Inkjet printer, USB Network (RJ45), $280.90USB Dell Mouse $100Windows 10 Pro Pack $199Microsoft Office 10 $100$22, 500
OutletPCDellDell XPS 8700 Desktop | Intel Core i7 | 4GB Graphics. Windows 10, $749.99Samsung S24D300H, 24 inches, 1920×108 maximum resolutions, $204.93Epson Expression Premium XP-720, Inkjet printer, USB, Picture Bridge; $151.54USB Dell Mouse $89Windows 10 Pro Pack $150Microsoft Office $15014,950.46

When it comes to the desktop, Amazon is the best dealer in computing hardware because the benefits seem compelling. To start with, Amazon’s desktops are;

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Centralized and simplified management

In Amazon, software updates are disseminated in a centralized way, this is because IT does not need to control individual implementation of every computer. In addition, implementation can take place from a central management console. Updates not only occur on desktops but also mobile applications. Centralized server infrastructure offers the benefit of simple backup functionalities.

With efficient infrastructure as well as bandwidth, this technique will reduce network traffic that can occur from different desktops. Amazon also allows IT to offer a significant level of security and compliance. Servers can easily be locked and protected in a manageable way, will less threat to desktop susceptibility. For instance, the administrator can ensure that security control is centralized while reducing malware footprints, in the case of attacks. Desktops may be re-commissioned when risks emerge.

Low cost and computer hardware

On harnessing of server power not seen to users, Amazon provides the advantage of efficient utilization of a central computing ability. This minimizes the costs of buying new hardware and related software, license, and support expenses. When it comes to the total cost of desktop, monitor, printers, mouse, operating system and office suite, Amazon offers a fair deal in comparison to other two vendors namely Smart Price and OutletPc.

In term of performance, an i7 processor is more powerful than an i5, but with a memory upgrade an i5 can just perform as excellent as an i7.  Again, the speeds for the Dell system are so good at 3.3 GHZ. With a 2.0 Terabyte, the computer can store millions of files. The laser printer would be the better option in comparison on inkjet printers. 

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Moreover, the printer is not just compatible with the network, but it has a printing resolution of 800. It is also able to print 72 A4 size papers in one minute. When it comes to the interface, Amazon has a better offer as opposed to other dealers. It would be imprudent to acquire an operating system at $150 or $199 when you can buy the same at $99.

The minimum requirements for a monitor regarding dimension is 18 inches, at Amazon, one can get Dell UltraSharp cost-effectively that other two vendors.  In the end, it will approximately $14, 180 to buy brand new desktops from Amazon which is far cheaper than buying from SmartPrice at $22,500 and OutletPc at $14, 950.46 respectively

Enhanced mobility and access

Again, Amazon desktops offer users remote accessibility using various computing tools. This is extremely accommodating characteristics for remote as well as mobile users who lack a fixed working region. With some Amazon applications, the active desktop condition may be safeguarded, allowing users to begin where they left.


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