Compensation as a Change Agent


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Compensation as a Change Agent

Compensation plan of the employees refers to the various components and manner in which incentives, bonuses, and remunerations are paid to the workers in the company. Compensation can work as an effective agent for the change of employees’ behavior through the positive effects and benefits (Chung et al, 2013). My employer bramble consultant has various improvements that lead to the positive change of the worker’s behavior.

Rewarding of the high performing employees in the company using bonuses and incentives on top of their salaries creates positive reinforcement making the workers demonstrate desired behaviors such as self-drive and hard work (Chung et al, 2013). The company has started the learning interventions that are knowledge based in nature. Training interventions have been adopted to gain intelligence and insight into the workers who are also provided with allowances and bonuses after undergoing such training programs. Such actions have secured the commitment to change in the company.

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Incorporation of the better strategies such as offering promotions after the performance ratings while still providing better bonuses and incentives shall foster better positive changes related to consistency (Chung et al, 2013). Workers have adopted the change whereby they practice the appropriate customer service skills with the aim of better performance to get the rewards and compensations acting as motivation.

There are policies and procedures used when designing the effective compensation plan in the company that will consequently lead to the change of behavior among the employees. Extinction process involving the elimination of the policies and behaviors inhibiting the ability for the efficient performance of work and also communication is a modification during the design of the compensation plan (Chung et al, 2013).

To get the desired change, the risks involved during the compensating process need to be eliminated. The design of the internal locus of control incorporated in an appropriate manner mitigates the high risks involved. The efficient strategies adopted during compensation of workers in a company leads to overall positive behavior changes consequently speeding up development.


Chung, D. J., Steenburgh, T., & Sudhir, K. (2013). Do bonuses enhance sales productivity? A dynamic structural analysis of bonus-based compensation plans. Marketing Science, 33(2), 165-187.

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