Communication Strategies Essay Paper

Communication Strategies
Communication Strategies

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Communication Strategies


The paper evaluates two models of communication strategies namely transactional and methodological triangulation theories of communication. The paper sets out by describing the two models, citing examples and how both apply not just in real life, but how individuals involved were affected.  Moreover, the paper will equally collaborate real life experiences and how a similar situation may be approached differently.

The transactional theory of communication is beyond just a two-way discussion that involves the speaker and audience.  Many factors of communication have often been disregarded.  However, times are an integral factor when it comes to communication. There is an enormous disparity regarding communication between two strangers and close friends. 

Transactional Model

Transactional model is where two persons communicate through several conduits with corresponding messages. When it comes to other models of communications, messages can not only be misrepresented, but people may be distracted, resulting in misinterpretation that fuels and hampers the model.

For instance,

Hello there!

Hi, how are you?

What’s cooking up, today?

Nothing much, just headed for work, how about you?

Communication Strategies

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People tend to adopt a transactional way, especially when exchanging e-mails or messages. With this type of communication, people literary exchange value for one another, for instance in a greeting where each affords the other some comfort of sorts through a well-defined transactional custom. However, the real transaction may be primarily anchored in the perspective. 

Transactions that involve people at home are something else from those between folks at work or along the boulevard. Transactional theory puts more emphasis on reciprocity. A change in the communicator might initiate a change in the surrounding that may later have an impact on the receiver.                                                                                                  

Transactional theory presumes that individuals are interlinked through communication; they engage in business dealings. It acknowledges that parties involved in any transaction are senders and receivers. Again, it recognizes the fact that communication has an effect on parties involved.  As such, communication is soft of simultaneous.  Moreover, the theory comprises of contractions that embody the communication setting; how received data is interpreted.  Effective communications are where contractions meet largely because parties engaged in the transaction have a common understanding of the message.

Communication Strategies

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Methodological Triangulation

Human communication in groups is to some degree complex due to various factors that impact individuals’ intentions towards others, thus affecting communication in groups. Methodological triangulation involves practical as well as theoretical perspective in group discussion. On one hand, the theoretical part demonstrates the strategies of inquiring and descriptions used in any given study. On the other, practical viewpoint supports the connection between method, concept, and aim of assessing and substantiating how methodological triangulation integrates varying views about communication in groups.       

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Furthermore, methodological triangulation involves using different qualitative methods to investigate a program. For instance, the results obtained from group communication may be used to establish the association. The validity of information may be recognized once results are related. The experts can also interviews, focus groups or the techniques to assess the changes. Additionally, the researcher may investigate the participants, groups, if the results obtained are comparable, and reliability has been established.

For example, in the study of the association of stereotypes in media message on ethnicity and racial backgrounds is the users’ social judgment. This presents a detailed comprehension to make informed decisions using critical and quantitative techniques. It also enables experts to assess communication from different angles while gaining substantial recognition of the issue being researched.                                                          

By and large, methodological triangulation is necessary for group communication since it enhances confidence while presenting a clear perspective of questions. This is pegged on the amount of data and diversity used in the investigation. Nevertheless, methodological triangulation is involving because collecting information requires proper planning as well as resources, aspects which may be out of reach.

Communication Strategies

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The paper evaluated two communication theories namely transactional and methodological triangulation models of communication. The paper determined that while the transactional model is anchored on reciprocity, methodological triangulation advances confidence by presenting a clear perspective of issues.

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