Communication Management Admission Essay

Communication Management
Communication Management

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Reasons for Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Communication Management Admission Essay


Why are you interested in pursuing the degree of Master of Communication Management?

Which area of focus in Communication Management (e.g., marketing communication, media & entertainment management, organizational and strategic corporate communication, etc.) interests you more, and why?

Communications management is the key to project control; the essential element of project management. Without the benefit of a good communications management system, the processes involved in the development of a project from conception to completion can be seriously constrained.

Communications management provides the vital project integrity required to provide an information lifeline among all members of the project team. This data must flow downward, upward and laterally within the organization.

Communications management is both master and servant of project control. It is the action element, the integrator of the process of putting the project together. As project management is both an art and a science, the project manager conducts the multidisciplines of the design and construct team.

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