Change of Major Request

Change of Major Request
Change of Major Request

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Utrecht University Change of Major Request to Undergraduate Student Admission Services

You may request a change of major by submitting an online application through StudentAccess. (See exceptions below.)

The standard criterion for eligibility to change your major requires that you are in good academic standing. However, some majors follow change of major criteria that is more restrictive than the standard criterion. These criteria have been formally approved by the Council on Educational Policy (CEP). Review the currently approved criteria for majors with such exceptions.

A request for a double major requires the online approval of both schools or programs offering the majors for any major change to occur.


Why would you like to change your major to U/U?

What major are you planning to declare and how soon will you be able to declare this new major (after being a U/U student)? Why have you not declared a major already?

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