Analysis of one of Hume’s Arguments Touching on the Existence of God

 Analysis of one of Hume’s Arguments Touching on the Existence of God

An analysis of one of Hume’s arguments touching on the existence of God. You can choose Exercise 11, 12, or 13 on pages 202-5.
Once again:
1) Summarize the argument, identifying the assumptions (or first principles), the chain of reasoning (include intermediate conclusions if you wish), and the conclusion. Verbally describe them and assign a number to each step.
2) Construct a standard diagram for the argument, using the numbers you have assigned. You can do this on the computer with the help of the Insert Symbol and the underline function, but it’s all right if you draw it by hand and attach it.
3) Ask the Assertibility Question and decide whether you find the argument convincing, and why or why not. Does the conclusion follow from the reasons given? If not what is the formal fallacy, or what further reasons or evidence must be shown?


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Develop a thesis and wrote the exegesis and theological meaning of a section from a classical prophet ( " Ezekiel chapter 36 verse 16 " ) ((which is about punishment for idol worship))) we should connect this chapter and verse with criminal justice major and need 5 resources.. in the conclusion please show how the prophet addresses contemporary issues in today's society ? Please use Ezekiel chapter 36 verse 16.all sources must be scholarly. Bible not primary source only secondary.thanks. Viewpoint from Christian evangelical. 

Literal analysis essay for Isaiah 1-12, 24-27

This is a literary analysis. It is a short literal analysis essay. So keep the topic very specific and with clear points. Limit your topic about certain character or topic that progresses throughout the book. Do it as essay style: Introduction with thesis, body, and conclusion. Be sure to use evidence from the text; your goal is to read as closely and carefully as possible. No need for citation resources   the paper really needs to make an argument. Claim something that’s not immediately apparent, and use your close reading of the text to support that claim.   Retelling the story results a grade of zero.   Link to the NRSV bible:………….


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Topical study in Luke, sin and evil

Bible can be quoted. Complete a topical study in Luke. As you read the Gospel of Luke for this class, select one area of doctrine (belief) and write down everything that the Gospel writer reveals about your selected area. For instance, you may choose to discover what Luke shows you about: Sin and evil After you collect all the information from the Gospel on your topic, write a 3  page summary of doctrine as presented in Luke. Restrict your summary to information in Luke; this is a focused book-study, not a comprehensive theology or a study of the entire Bible………….


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The trends missionaries must apply inorder to penetrate into a different culture…………………… 


For any new missionaries wishing to penetrate into a different culture, they should spend some quality time with the locals by learning the language and their way of culture. The missionaries have different priorities they can take which are discussed below according to Brewster and Reyburn.

Priorities available

According to Brewster (2008) they should create a bond with the locals for the first few weeks. They may live with the local families to find out how they cook, what they eat and how they go about their day. Though there may be risks and stress involved but failure to endure and accept them causes more suspicion from the locals. They should learn their language because it is a social activity since it promotes communication between the missionaries and the locals. Although the dilemma is always fear of rejection, jealousy, guilt or fear for unknown they should learn to endure them and take courage in every step they take. They should understand the implications of bonding for the missionary task in order to stay focused with the task at hand. Their main objective being to give the people an opportunity to belong to God’s family they should be ready physiologically, emotionally and spiritually in a timely manner.

The missionaries should avoid cushioning themselves among the other missionaries to be in a position to cope with unpredictable situation. They should also avoid distancing themselves from the locals as they may not achieve their objective.




Brewster, E. T. Brewster, E.S, Bonding and the missionary task: establishing a sense of belonging. (Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library, 2008)


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evil and the environment:

Explain David Suzuki?s concept of ?shattered world? as an experience of evil with reference to one or more readings assigned to this unit of the course. What symbol depicts this evil? Apply his concept of ?sacred balance? to explain possible ways forward to deal with the consequences of such evil. …


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Significance of Ebla Tablets and their impact on Old Testament

Write a report explaining the significance of the Ebla Tablets
What was significant about this find? Type a report explaining the significance of the Ebla Tablets and their impact on the Old Testament.