Specific ways in which the internet has changed the way businesses operate in the global marketplace,

Discuss specific ways in which the internet has changed the way businesses operate in the global marketplace………………



Technology has drastically increased in the past years. As businesses activities progress so does the organizations which are made more efficient as a result. Internet connections have paved ways of communication, enabling businesses to operate and communicate across borders with ease. Collaboration helps companies to become more creative, and connect to individuals in a better way.Internet have changed the way businesses operate in the global market in various ways. They include:

Faster movement in businesses

It is evident that internet technology has made businesses move in a faster mode than ever before. For instance, devices such as laptops, ipods, internet and personal computers have changed the way we operate at our work places.faxes, memos have been substituted for email interactions and Smartphone has enabled individuals to connect with other peers while outside the office. All these devices have paved way for a faster response and urgent replies within and outside an organization. As a result, streamlining operations and organizational bureaucracy have been replaced by automation of task systems and workflows. In addition, speed acts as an added value in technology which as a result adds responsiveness and flexibility to interactions.

World-wide collaborations

Internet has made it possible for distant groups and teams to meet from any parts of the world virtually. Technology in form of skype, instant messaging, email, videoconferencing, cloudcomputing have all made it possible for geographically dispersed companies and organization to communicate. In addition, social networks like facebook,yahoo,linked-in,twitter have enabled enterprises to connect to large businesses networks.Therefore,there results to a broad range and  blend of viewpoints ,abilities, talents and great productivity experienced.

The market place has been flattened

Internet access has reduced unnecessary boundaries across markets and as a result it has enhanced geographical border collaborations. As a result, buyers and sellers around the world are able to do business and connect in a favorable way. Online translation services, skype and teleconferencing have helped individuals to have close deals and communicate widely. In addition, these services have enabled a wide range of diversity where ideas and viewpoints are exchanged to help improve the market services and products.

Innovation is encouraged in businesses

Internet technology has been twisted over the past years and changes are made every now and then. Websites such as Zillow created by Microsoft Company helped individuals penetrate through a series of real estate transactions. Agents were at a better position of collaborating with buyers via the website. Therefore, transparency was enhanced in the market and in a way buyers and sellers were able to share information. More user friendly services are also emerging and prices keep on dropping as technology keeps on advancing. People have access to software tools that assist in solving computer related problems and improve efficiency. In addition, innovation has made it possible for users all over the world to access to internet services. People in developing countries such as Somalia now have access to the internet and they do not have to travel abroad in order to get internet services.

Connection and selling has been transformed

Internet has changed the way businesses sell and connect to clients. Social sites such as twitter, blogs emails have brought in new perspectives and ideas to users on how to choose their products and services online. These sites assist prospective customers to locate new businesses online and thereon remain relevant in the minds of clients. Connection is also done through e-learning and videoconferencing. Students can now access to free learning online and surgeons doing an operation can simply access to an operation done from an outside country.


Technology advancement enables a large variety of organization to improve in their productivity and efficiency in order to meet and satisfy the needs of users all over the world. Therefore users have a way of enjoying the advanced services and products at a cheaper, faster, timely and reliable way. On the other hand businesses gain in terms of increased profits and wages.


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