Bipolar Disorder Essay Paper

Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder

Registered nurses play a central role in teaching patients, especially among those who are suffering from chronic illnesses such as bipolarr. Bipolar disorder is an illness that is normally misunderstood by patients and their families and most patients usually do not follow the administered treatment recommendations. According to Luciano et al, psychoeducation serves as a significant input towards substantially better outcomes (Luciano et al, 2015).

From the given case, a registered nurse should start by illustrating clearly the causes of bipolar. The nurse should make the family understand that there is no single cause of this condition but arises mostly as a result of interlinking of several factors. Generally, it is believed that bipolar runs in the family whereby certain individuals expressing particular genes are at a greater risk of developing bipolar disorder than others (Parikh et al, 2013).

This is absolutely true. However, the nurses should highlight clearly that some instances have been recorded whereby most children with a bipolar disorder family history do not develop the condition. Genes are not the sole risk factor for bipolar disorder other factors other than gens are also involved (Schulte et al, 2013). For instance, studies on identical twins have revealed that if one twin develops the condition, the other does not necessarily develop it despite them having similar genes.

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When offering this form of education, the registered nurse should make some adjustments considering the patient’s age. This is because the patient has just been newly diagnosed with the disorder and the education should focus more on how easily the condition can be managed if the patient sticks to the treatment recommendation, the patient should also be encouraged that other individuals’ of his age have since been diagnosed with the condition and won the battle against it.

The nurse should encourage the patient and his family that bipolar disorder can be treated effectively over the long term. She can use examples of patients in the hospital who have since been diagnosed with bipolar, put under medication and now are leading a normal life. The education will focus mostly on how proper treatment helps many patients with this condition achieve better control of their mood swings and associated symptoms.  


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