Beavers System Model: Movie Review

Beavers System Model
Beavers System Model

Beavers System Model


 Similar to writing, film uses techniques with the aim of eliciting different response from their audiences. The movie is designed such that they produce specific effect on as intended on their audiences. “Remember the Titans (2000)” is a great film directed by Boaz Yakin. The movie is not only entertaining but also helps one to understand the characteristics and behaviors of a family, as well as its dynamics.  This paper conducts a family assessment on Coach Boone family.

Movie setting and story

This is a movie based on real life events racial discrimination that prevailed in the early 1970’s. The settings take place in a small town in Virginia. During the desegregation of high school in 1971 saw an African American head coach – Herman Boone be hired at the T.C. Williams High School as the lead coach of the School’s football team. He is assigned to work under Bill Yoast- the current coach nominated for Virginia School Hall of Fame (IMDb, 2000).

During the training camp, the football players (black and white) would clash frequently in racially motivated conflicts. However, forceful coaching and rigorous training by Coach Boone including a run early in the morning to the Gettysburg cemetery and motivational talk; the team learns to understand one another. Throughout the training season, Boone and Yoast mixed race football players learns to accept one another and to work together because football knows no race. 

Their coaches learn from them and in turn the whole team understands the importance of family. Consequently, the team prepares adequately to pursue the State Championship and to deal with all unthinkable tragedy that would threaten their capacity to perfect their team (IMDb, 2000).

 After returning from football camp, the school board informs Coach Boone that if he loses even one game, he would be dismissed with immediate effect. Fortunately, the Titans go throughout the season as champions and succeed in fighting racial prejudice simultaneously. However, the chairman of the school board informs Coach Yoast that he would be inducted in hall of fame if he helps titan’s loose one game. 

This implied that school board wanted to dismiss Boone because of his race.  During the game, the referees are shown to be biased towards the Titans. The satisfaction on the school board faces makes Yoast to threaten them that he will expose their scandal unless the referees would officiate the game fairly. The teams win, which makes Yoast loose his candidacy for induction.

When celebrating the victory, Bertier becomes injured severely in a car accident. He remains paralyzed the rest of his life but still continues to support the Titans. He goes ahead and wins a gold medal in shot put in Paralympics games. A decade later, Bertier dies in another automobile accident. His family, teammates and coaches reunites and attend his funeral as one big family (IMDb, 2000).

 Assessment of movie family

The movie assessed from this movie is Coach Herman Boone. She has a wife (Carol Boone and two daughters (Nicky and Karen). In reference to socio-cultural process, there is increased desegregation of the society based on racial differences. However, Coach Boone tries to unite his family so that they can be culturally competent enough to fight racial prejudice that prevailed in the 1970s. He even gives a motivational talk to empower his children to make them understand the importance of remaining united and as a family even during challenges (IMDb, 2000).

Initially, the movie setting or environment is not peaceful. There are increased incidences of racial prejudice to an extent that the school board wants to dismiss Coach Boone due to his race. Later, the Titans help in uniting his family and the entire community by developing friendship and teamwork beyond their racial identities, and in overcoming the obstacles (IMDb, 2000).

 There is effective communication within his family. They listen to Coach Boone motivational talk, and his instructions about understanding one another irrespective of their values and beliefs differences. 

Decisions regarding the family are made by Coach Boone. However, occasionally he gets advice from his wife, friends and coach Yoast.

Coach Boone takes his father role seriously throughout the movie and tries to remain an influential leader as much as possible. For instance, he pushes his family to work as hard as possible thereby making them a champion.  His wife Carol embraces her   role effectively by supporting his husband battle racial prejudice (IMDb, 2000).

Coach Boone and his wife are able to unite their family members. They are able to make their daughters to develop love and respect as their core family value.

The family dynamics of socialization revolves around the racial segregated community, desegregated community and the love between the neighbors and friends. For instance, the community shows empathy, respect and love when they congregate to bid the final farewell to one of the Titans member (IMDb, 2000).

Although Coach Boone struggled to make the family to be as normal as other family, he helped them to adapt into their new environments and learn to respect each other’s opinions. Although it was challenging at first, Coach Boone motivational talks with his daughters made them to adapt and co-exist with ease, which was spread across the community (IMDb, 2000).

 Comparison to Beavers System Model

 Beavers system Model is used to assess family competence based on the following concepts (Beavers and Hampson, 2000);

  1. Family structure: Coach Boone is perceived by his commitment to his team and the indistinct boundaries with each of the team members irrespective of their socio-cultural background.
  2. Mythology of the family varies from congruent to incongruent. They had conflicting communication but always reached for an understanding.
  3. Goal –directed negotiations are witnessed when the family re-strategizes their values and loyalty to accommodate their differences so that they could support their father to help the Titans to take the States Championship.
  4. Autonomy is not well witnessed in the movie, but each member of the family members accepted their responsibility.
  5. Family affect is witnessed by the expression of love, respect and care for one another.

 Summary and conclusion

 This is one of the most influential tasks. It is important to take time and assess family structure and styles so as to effectively develop and appropriate care plan. Getting to understand the family and the role they play in treatment manage helps the healthcare provider to develop patient centered care and to effectively assess the strengths and barriers that determines the family’s health status.


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