A first responder Essay Paper

A first responder
A first responder

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A first responder

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You are a first responder who is responding to an incident that is a mass casualty event where a school bus carrying middle school children collided with two trucks. One track is carrying benzene, and the other truck is carrying ammonium nitrate. Both trucks have released their cargo via spill, and now the school students are in danger of breathing in the vapors.

Complete an outline of how you will write the paper. In your outline, make sure you have components that meet the following requirements:

Distinguish between organic and inorganic chemicals.

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Apply chemical reaction basic precautions at the accident scene.

Describe potential reactions that may be present with the chemicals.

Describe the families of hydrocarbons in terms of hazard.

Explain the chemical characteristics of each chemical family.

Outline the potential chemical reactions of hydrocarbons.

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