Locations and Forms of Power

Locations and Forms of Power
During some weeks, we studied in class documents concerning a theme, and especially about :
- the power of men over women
- the place of the women in the society
- the dictatorship
- the importance of the money

These themes deals with an unique notion : Locations and Forms of Power.
The goal of the work is to write a text (about 600/650 words) that deals about this notion globally and so the themes studied in class. If you don’t catch up the meaning of the work, let me give you a line to follow (it’s just an advise) :


- Definition of the notion. What does «Locations and Forms of Power» refer to you ?
- Who has power ? What are the different forms of power ? Over whom
- How is power exerted ? : socially, politically, in the economy
- What are the consequences ?
- Presentation of the themes.
- Problematic : We can ask ourselves What are the forms of power and where does it take place ?


- 1st part : you can deal about the forms of power globally : the power of the State over the citizens : spying, dictatorship, etc
- as a transition with the 2nd part : but there are uprising of the society in this kind of politic regime.
- 2nd part : the forms of power in the society itself : the power of men over women, the place of the women through the centuries
- Transition : … Between the individuals themselves, we can say that money has power over all.
- 3nd part : the place of the money in our society.

During the development, don’t forget to give your own opinion :
- we must change the relation with the money in our capitalist society because money leads all the relations …
- the discrimination of women, despite the fact we’re in a modern society (Declaration of Human Rights : We’re all equal in right) is still present.
- for a job, some corporates will prefer to recruit a men as an example.
- difference in the salary
- Not very women have power in the society. CEO of a big corporate ? Not much …


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